I want to add Joomla content associations

Managing a multi-language site can be quite challenging dus to the large number of articles. In addition to importing the article content, RO CSVI supports adding Joomla content associations on import. This tutorial will explain step by step on how to add Joomla content associations.

Preparing the template

Associations can be added using Joomla content import template.

  1. Create Joomla Content import template by selecting Component as Joomla Content, Action as Import and Operation as Content.
  2. If you plan to use the column headers from import file then Set Use file for configuration to Yes in import template settings and on File tab. If you are using RO CSVI available fields then on RO CSVI Template fields page add template fields as needed and Set Use file for configuration to No in import template settings and on File tab.
  3. Make sure that needed fields title or alias and catid or category_path and associations are added to the import fields in any of the cases in point 2. The use of needed fields is for RO CSVI to check if there is a matching record in database and update it or create a new record in database if there is no record already available.

Adding Joomla content associations for articles in same category

Say if we have a multi language site with three languages English, Dutch and Greek. If you would like to add Associations among these languages for the content on import, you use associations available field in your import file.

"Dutch article";"News";"";"nl-NL"
"Greek article";"News";"";"el-GR"
"English article";"News";"nl-NL#dutch-article|el-GR#greek-article";"en-GB" 

In the above sample content we are importing three articles, one for Dutch, one for Greek and the last one for English. Always remember to have the articles added as associations to be added before using associations field. Like here the associations field is used for English article, by the time it is processed Dutch and Greek articles are already imported. RO CSVI can find these articles when processing associations field. RO CSVI will not create new articles for associations field  and throws error "No associated content id found with alias XXX" so it is recommended to import articles first and then add associations.

In the above example, associations for two languages are added. "nl-NL#dutch-article" the first part before # sets the language of the article and the next part is the alias of the article. Same goes for "el-GR#greek-article". Multiple association are separated by the pipe-symbol |.

Associations between articles can be seen from Joomla Articles page

Adding Joomla content associations for articles in different category

To add associations for articles in different categories it is needed to tell RO CSVI the category associated with the associated article. To do this use field associations_category_path or associations_category_id

If you have a category setup added for different languages

Associations categories list


An example content for using associations_category_path would be

"Dutch article";"dutch-article";"dutch-blog/fitness";"";"nl-NL";""
"Greek article";"greek-article";"greek-blog/fitness";"";"el-GR";""
"English article";"english-article";"english-blog/fitness";"nl-NL#dutch-article|el-GR#greek-article";"en-GB";"nl-NL#dutch-blog/fitness|el-GR#greek-blog/fitness"


RO CSVI associations other category 

An example content for using associations_category_id would be

"Dutch article";"dutch-article";"dutch-blog/fitness";"";"nl-NL";""
"Greek article";"greek-article";"greek-blog/fitness";"";"el-GR";""
"English article";"english-article";"english-blog/fitness";"nl-NL#dutch-article|el-GR#greek-article";"en-GB";"nl-NL#46|el-GR#48"

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