RO CSVI has many features to offer from automated imports and exports to full customization of the export and import templates. This flexibility is the power of RO CSVI and is able to make your work easier.

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The installation of RO CSVI requires a few steps but also depends on how you are going to use it. Generally speaking you would need RO CSVI and one or more add-ons for the third party extension you wan to connect with unless you are only using Joomla core. Support for Joomla core is included in...

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RO CSVI is an extension that provides a wide-range of import and export options for various Joomla extensions including the majority of the core extensions. The flexibility of RO CSVI is unmatched as you can import from various sources and also export to various locations. Since the output is...

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All of the RO CSVI documentation can be found in the documenation section. This includes extensive step-by-step guides with videos to get the most out of RO CSVI.

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What other people have to say

Very useful for exporting Virtuemart manufacturer reports

The functionalities are practically infinite, many reports can be combined using many available fields.

If I counted my time to get the same reports, the result would be a high amount. With CSVI the savings in money and time are considerable.


То что надо!

Функциональность максимальная. Разработчик предусмотрел все возможные операции импорта экспорта.

Документации много. Подробно расписаны операции. Многие инструкции оснащены видео.


Nice application

Many functionality , for import export and many more options for handling data

Easy to use , very well documented and very good support
Thank you RO CSVI team specialy Tharuna


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