How RO CSVI works, explained step by step

RO CSVI is an extension that provides a wide-range of import and export options for various Joomla extensions including the majority of the core extensions. The flexibility of RO CSVI is unmatched as you can import from various sources and also export to various locations. Since the output is highly configurable you can make almost any kind of output file needed. Through the use of plugins you can even create your own import and export routines in case you need to support an extension that is not supported.

Import process flow

  1. Create a template for the import you want to do
  2. Start the import
  3. Select the file you want to import
  4. Check the preview
  5. Run the import
  6. Check the results

Export process flow

  1. Create a template for the export you want to do
  2. Add the fields you want to export
  3. Start the export
  4. Check the results

This is the import and export in it's most simple form. There are many settings that can be configured in both the template and the fields. RO CSVI also has rules which can be used to modify data during import or export.

Automated import and export

RO CSVI supports the use of cron jobs to allow you to run automated imports and exports. Based on your settings the data can come from any kind of source in case of an import, or go to any kind of location in case of an export.