RO Payments your gateway to online payments

RO Payments supports a large number of Joomla! extensions and payment providers, combined with profiles, you can setup different payment providers on a single site. This makes for a very flexible setup and gives you a lot of control on how the payments flow on your site.

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The installation of RO Payments requires a few steps to be taken, by following this guide, it should be a fairly straightforward process. Requirements The following requirements must be met before you can start using RO Payments: An active contract with a payment provider A supported extension...

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RO Payments is the missing link between your site and the payment provider. Acting as a translator, it speaks the language of your extension and the language of the payment provider. As such providing a stable and trusted connection in the processing of payments on your site. For many people the...

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All of the RO Payments documentation can be found in the documenation section. This includes extensive step-by-step guides with videos to get the most out of RO Payments.

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What other people have to say

Great iDeal payment software

Supports multiple profiles, Mollie integration, extensive settings.

Great. I can earn a honest buck because of this software being not to expensive.


Excellent, support for many extensions

Supports a wide range of extensions and simultanious use of multiple PSP's. Has a profile for each combination to fine-tune responses.

Set-up of the various profiles for extensions and PSP's is easy. The descriptions on bank transactions can be customised too.

Eric de Waal

I'd say it's the most ideal plugin out there ;)

Everything you need when it comes to the iDEAL payment system.

Extremely simple to use

Support is more than fantastic!

Price is unbeatable

Alexander van Aken

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