Documenting your code is always a hassle and usually left till the end. The end meaning never and when you need that code again you spend all that time figuring out what the function was for. Once you figured it out you realize there is no time to document it now since you lost all that time figuring out what it was for and you need to move on.

Here come the live templates.

Usually when we want to make an external call we use cURL to make this call. Setting up the cURL instance is quite cumbersome and in general hard to remember all the things you need to setup. There are also servers that do not support cURL which means your code won't work. Building a fallback is required in those cases.

Joomla has made it possible long ago to render messages using JavaScript, this makes it easy to render uniform messages on a Joomla site. The other advantage is that we can use this to inform users of the outcome of an AJAX call without any custom coding. The messages are rendered in the same way as they do when enqueuing messages from PHP.

PhpStorm can navigate to functions and classes out of the box but there is added support for Joomla specific cases. The Joomla specific cases it can understand are:

  • Language strings
  • JHtml

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.