I want to import articles with categories

Joomla articles are assigned to categories, by default all articles are assigned to Uncategorised category. Learn how to import category for an article using RO CSVI.

The very first step is to create Joomla content import template by selecting Component as Joomla Content and Operation as Content. 

You can learn about the each tab, what each tab do and how to run the import from I want to import Joomla articles document.  

The following is example content to import category for a Joomla article. category_path field is used to import category of an article. Category levels are separated by /. 

"Local new article";"local-news-article";"news/local-news";"1";"Display all local news"
"International news article";"international-article";"news/international-news";"1";"Display all international news"

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