I want to import articles with associations

Import of associations for an articles has become easy with RO CSVI Joomla content import template.

The very first step is to create Joomla content import template by selecting Component as Joomla Content and Operation as Content. 

You can learn about the each tab, what each tab do and how to run the import from I want to import Joomla articles document.  

Once the import template is created with needed settings, run the import with association field in your import template. How to use the associations field in import? Learn from the example below.

Consider if there are 3 installed languages on your Joomla site. English the default language, Dutch and Greek are other two languages. You have three articles added for these three languages and you are trying to link Dutch and Greek article with English article. The main alias field will have English article alias along with its category. The other two languages are added in the association field seperated by |. Each language article will have two section, the language code as first part the alias of the article in the second part seperated by #. So for Dutch article association value will be "nl-NL#dutch-article" where nl-NL is the language code, dutch-article is the alias of the dutch article.