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Joomla Custom fields import

RO CSVI Supports import of all Joomla core custom fields starting with 7.15.0 version. This document explains on how to import Joomla custom field with Joomla article. 

Joomla supports variety of custom field types. Here we are explaining each of the core custom fields Joomla supports and how we can run import of these custom fields for an Joomla article. The same procedure can be followed for Joomla Categories and Joomla Contact imports.

Things to remember before starting Joomla custom field import for an article.

1. Import of Joomla custom fields for an article is done using Joomla Content import template.

2. Once you have the custom fields created, Update your available fields.

3. You should have installed Joomlacustomfields RO CSVI Extension and enabled it from Joomla Plugin manager. 

Here is the list of Joomla core custom fields

  1. Text custom field
  2. Calendar custom field
  3. Checkbox custom field
  4. Color custom field
  5. Editor custom field
  6. Integer custom field
  7. List custom field
  8. Image list custom field
  9. Media custom field
  10. Radio custom field
  11. Textarea custom field
  12. URL custom field
  13. Repeatable custom field
  14. User custom field
  15. Usergroup list custom field

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