Import of J2Store Flexible Variable in RO CSVI

This document explains on how to import J2Store Flexible Variable product type using RO CSVI J2Store product import template. J2Store supports few products types but in this document we will explain about variable product type with an example.

The difference between Flexible Variable and Variable product type in J2Store is that user can control the variants generated with Flexible Variable product type.  We are doing the same with RO CSVI import. The variants defined in import file are the ones added as Flexible variable. In case of Variable product type user can use option_names, option_types and option_values fields and RO CSVI generates combination of variants with these fields. Since that is not the case with Flexible Variant type, user needs to define the variants in import file with option fields and values as individual template fields. With Flexible Variable product type import, option_names, option_types, option_skus and option_values fields are not supported. It is a must to use parent_sku field to define the parent Flexible variable belongs to.

Let us start with the Flexible Variable product type import. 

1. To start with add two options in J2Store as size and color.

Import of J2Store Variable Product using RO CSVI

2. Update available fields so the newly added option fields are recognised.

3. Create J2Store Product import template.

4. Run import with below content.

flexiblevariant_parent,,,,flexivariable,2,Flexible Variant parent product
flexiblevariant_child1,flexiblevariant_parent,Red,XL,flexivariable,2,Flexible Variant child product1
flexiblevariant_child2,flexiblevariant_parent,Red,L,flexivariable,2,Flexible Variant child product2
flexiblevariant_child3,flexiblevariant_parent,Green,L,flexivariable,2,Flexible Variant child product3

Video showing the process


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