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Setup RO Payments Option In HikaShop

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Since the introduction of version 3, it has been possible to add multiple payment methods with a single plugin in HikaShop. This document explains step by step on how to add a payment method in HikaShop. You can repeat this process for every payment option you want to offer.

Open Payment Methods

HikaShop Payment Methods

Click on New

HikaShop New Payment Method

Choose RO Payments - HikaShop

HikaShop Select Method

Configure Payment Method under Specific Configuration

HikaShop RO Payments specific configuration

An option has been added to this screen called Specific configuration. The payment plugin will show which payment options are available for the active profile in RO Payments. You first need to save the plugin to see the details of the selected profile.

Choose Payment Option

HikaShop RO Payments Payment Option

Choose 1 payment option to add a specific option in HikaShop

After setting up the payment option, save the changes. Repeat above steps for every payment option you want to show on your site.

At checkout the different payment options will be shown

HikaShop Payment Options customer

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Recurring Payments With RO Payments and Mollie

| RO Payments

Recurring payments is a feature that has been on the to-do list for some time because it is not  such an easy feature to implement. Most hosting providers do not even support recurring payments. This was until Mollie announced they are now supporting recurring payments. As Mollie is a widely used payment provider it became useful for us to offer this feature as well. RO Payments now supports recurring payments in a basic form.

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Initiate payment from an external link

| RO Payments

Using RO Payments it is possible to send out a link to someone and let them make a payment on your site. This link can be included in an email, direct message or some other way. An ideal way of sending out a mailing with a payment link.

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Automated payment status check for transactions

| RO Payments

RO Payments comes with a script that makes it possible to check the status of payments automatically. It can happen that a customer does not return to the website or the communication with the payment provider fails, in this case the payment status remains open. With the update script these open payments, provided they have a transaction number, can be checked automatically.

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I receive a 403 page after payment

| RO Payments

What does the errorcode 403 mean?

The errorcode 403 means Access Forbidden.

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