RO Payments

Set the payment name in RSEvents!Pro checkout

After installing the RO Payments plugin for RSEvents!Pro it will show the name RO Payments as payment method when going through the checkout of RSEvents!Pro. Here are the steps to set the payment name in RSEvents!Pro checkout.

The payment name is a language string called RSEPRO_PLG_PLUGIN_JDIDEAL_NAME. To override the name you need to create a language override. Follow these steps to create a language override:

  1. Login to the administrator part of your website
  2. Click on Extensions -> Language -> Overrides
  3. Select the Language & Client of the language you want to create the override for. This must be for the Site language.
  4. Click on New
  5. For Language Constant enter RSEPRO_PLG_PLUGIN_JDIDEAL_NAME
  6. For Text you can enter the name you want to show in the checkout process
  7. Click on Save & Close
  8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 if you have multiple languages

Now you will have your own name in the checkout process of RSEvents!Pro