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Import VirtueMart images

Background information

To import images into VirtueMart there are a few things you need to know before hand. The default location of images in VirtueMart is images/stories/virtuemart/, from here images are grouped by their type e.g.:

  • product
  • category
  • etc.

All product images reside in the folder images/stories/virtuemart/product. How does RO CSVI know where to locate your images? This is a combination of 2 settings:

  1. Path set in the template
  2. Name in the CSV file

On import RO CSVI combines these 2 settings to get the full path to the image. As an example the path in the template is set to images/stories/virtuemart/product and the file_url field in the CSV file is set to example.jpg. This will create a full path of images/stories/virtuemart/product/example.jpg. This is the correct path.