Skip rule plugin in RO CSVI

RO CSVI has a flexibilty to skip the records on import and export based on any specific text. This can be achieved using Skip rule plugin.

The example document will explain how to skip records based on text in category_path field in import. The operation used here is VirtueMart product import.

Consider that the import file looks like the content in the below table and you need to skip the import of records with text cooper and reebok in category_path.

product_sku product_name product_desc product_price product_currency product_in_stock manufacturer_name category_path
NI091SH97UHYINDFAS Nike Kaishi 2.0 Grey Sneakers Nike presents these grey sneakers, especially designed for men who love to stay ahead in the style game.  64.55 EUR 3 Nike shoes/nike/men/sneakers
PU102SH00KOXINDFAS Puma Sam Idp Navy Blue Flip Flops Experience the blissful comfort as you wear these navy blue flip-flops from PUMA.  61.2 EUR 5 Puma shoes/puma/men/flipflops
LE080SH77ZDIINDFAS Lee Cooper Black Loafers Latest in fashion, these black coloured dress shoes from the house of Lee Cooper will look smart when teamed with your business suits!  57.75 EUR 2  Lee Cooper   shoes/leecooper/men/loafers
AD004SH94JPDINDFAS Adidas Zg Bounce Trainer White Training Shoes Make your fitness sessions even more effective by wearing these white coloured ?Zg Bounce Trainer? training shoes for men by adidas.  62.34 EUR 6 Adidas    shoes/adidas/men/trainers
RE105SH85GDYINDFAS Reebok electrify speed running shoes Reebok presents these black coloured 'Electrify Speed' running shoes, which will catch your fancy at once.  68.99 EUR 4  Reebok   shoes/reebok/men/runningshoes


The first step is to create a product import template. A template can be created by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Templates
  2. Click New
  3. Give the template a name, say for example VirtueMart Product import
  4. Set Action to Import
  5. Set Component to VirtueMart
  6. Set Operation to Product
  7. Click Next: Select Source
  8. Source is set default to Load from your computer. No need for change.
  9. Click Next: Select options
  10. The default values are OK, change if needed.
  11. Click Next: Select fields
  12. Nothing needed here as we set to Use column headers as configuration in step 10.
  13. Click Next: Finalize
  14. All done here
  15. Click Close to return to the list of templates or Edit if you want to fine-tune the template further.

import vm product create template

Set the Use file for configuration to No in import template settings on File tab. Save the template.

use file for config setting

Add the needed template fields for the template. Template fields can be added by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Templates
  2. Click on Template fields
  3. In the Search Tools select your template
  4. Click on New to add a single field or click on Quick Add to add multiple fields.

Quick Add

The Quick Add Option allows you to quickly add multiple fields to a template. It is not possible to set any settings per field here but that can be done after the fields have been added to the template.

csvi7 skip rule plugin create templatefields

Now create a Skip rule and apply the rule on category_path field.

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Rules
  2. Click New
  3. Give the rule a name, say for example Skip categories
  4. Set Action to Import
  5. Select Plugin to CSVI Skip
  6. Method to match is Regular text
  7. Values to match as cooper,reebok
  8. Save the rule
  9. Set the rule on category_path field in template fields page.

csvi7 skip rule plugin addingrule

Run the import. The import can be run by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Import
  2. Select the template created earlier with name VirtueMart product import
  3. Click Select file
  4. Select the file to import
  5. Click Preview
  6. You now see a preview of the file as to how CSVI sees the file. Here you can also see that CSVI has skipped two rows with text cooper and reebok in category_path field. If you still see the rows then there is something wrong with your Skip rule setting. Cross check the settings again.
  7. Click Start import
  8. The import is run and you can see that CSVI showing messages in log details page that the rows are skipped because of skip rule settings.
  9. The Log details page will be shown with information regarding the import if the Enable logging is enabled in the template

csvi7 skip rule plugin runimport 

Skip rule for Date expressions

Starting with RO CSVI 8.3.0 version, we are introducing a new feature of comparing date values using Skip rule so to skip a record based on dates.

Fields offered

  1. Select method to match as Date expression
  2. We offer three types of date selectors. Date before, Date after and Date equal. This acts as comparison operator to check the date values
  3. Date to check is offered with current date and input date. Current date will check the date value against today's date. Input date compares with the date as entered in Date value field with database value and skips the record if it matches the condition.
  4. Date format field is to set the format in which date value is compared. Default format is set to "Y-m-d H:i:s"


Consider that you need to check for product_available_date field is more than a specific date(2022-04-15 00:00:00) in VirtueMart products export and skip those records. Set the Skip rule like the image below and apply the rule on product_available_date field in template fields.

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