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  3. Monday, 21 September 2020
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I really need something to import empty custom field (joomla content custom field), that is to remove the existing value and leave empty value. How can i do this?
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We do not support import of empty custom field values yet. But you can set the value to empty space using RO CSVI Custom table import. To make this more easier for you

1. Using RO CSVI Custom table export template, export the values from #__fields_values table. To do this in your custom table export template on Options tab set Table name as fields_values. Save the template.
2. Add field_id, item_id and value as export fields
3. Run the export.
4. In the export file change the field you want to set the empty space.
5. Create RO CSVI Custom table import template.
6. On Options tab set Custom table as fields_value, Import based on field as field_id,item_id and save the template.
7. Run the import with modified export file.

If you know field_id, item_id(article id) of the article you want to set empty value, you can skip the export process and create an import file based on these ids. value field will still be an empty space.

Let me know on how this goes.
Kind regards,


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