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  3. Monday, 12 July 2021
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Hi there!

I'm setting up RO Payments combined with Hikashop and Mollie.
RO Payments/Mollie is currently in test mode.

When I place an order I get redirected to Mollie.
Choosing 'Paid' there returns me to the website and prompts me with the correct message set up in RO Payments. Looks good. :-)

However, when I choose 'Canceled' of 'Failed' in Mollie, I'm not redirected back to the site. In stead I return to the start page of the Mollie payment.

Anyone been here before? Did I miss a piece of configuration?

Thanks in advance.
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Anyone been here before? Did I miss a piece of configuration?
You did not miss anything, that is how Mollie works. If you choose cancel and get back to the list of payment methods, you can click on Back to website in the lower left corner and that should trigger the cancelled status.

The other option is to make 1 payment method for each payment choice as explained in the Setup RO Payments Option In HikaShop tutorial. If you then choose a payment result Mollie will take you back to the site directly with that status.
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