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  3. Wednesday, 08 September 2021
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Good morning,
A while ago we bought the Ro Payments ideal plugin for JTicketing. The website just keeps showing this error:
RO Payments cannot open the notification script. The notification script is required to process the feedback from the payment provider. You will need to configure access to this script, check the firewall, htaccess or other settings that prevent access. The notification script can be reached at https://www.buurthuisdepit.nl/cli/notify.php.

Received the response from the server:
Status code: 403
Message: 403 Forbidden

Do you have an idea how we can solve this?

Best regards,
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Hello Jean-Paul,

I moved the topic to the RO Payments category as your question is about that. The error is because you have some setting on your server that is blocking this script. Which setting that is, we do not know. However we have compiled a document with some known causes that you can try. The RO CSVI import or export does not work document lists these possible causes.

I know the name of the document is odd because it is about RO CSVI but the issue is exactly the same. We first wrote this document for RO CSVI but realized it is the same with RO Payments. So we are going to rewrite it to make it more general. Instead of RO CSVI, just read RO Payments and it should give you some pointers of where to look.
Kind regards,


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