RO CSVI import or export does not work

There are few cases where RO CSVI import or export does not work and would throw various kinds of errors which are not related to import or export. You may be wondering why that would happen. This document explains a few scenarios which would block the import or export in RO CSVI.

Here is the list of possible errors you can see when RO CSVI is blocked:

  1. 403 Access forbidden
  2. An error has occurred during the import. Below the information received from the server.
    403 error on import - Access to this resource on the server is denied!
  3. Redirect of RO CSVI import/export URL to homepage
  4. 404 page not found error
  5. Loading of white page once import or export has started
  6. Connection timed out error

Possible solutions

There are a few things that can be checked on the site.

  1. If import or export is not working then the first thing to check on site is for the Akeeba Admin Tools or another firewall extension. It is possible that this extension is blocking RO CSVI import and export URL. Whitelist RO CSVI extension and you should be good to go with import and exports.
  2. Another possible issue can be the .htacess file. RO CSVI works with the default .htaccess file which comes with a Joomla installation so in case you see import or export of RO CSVI is blocked. Try putting the default .htaccess file and run the import or export.
  3. Add the rantai.php script as an exception in the Server protection section of Admin Tools .htaccess maker.