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  3. Monday, 18 October 2021
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hi. i had some older csvi version. now i installed new rocsvi.
and i got 2 issues for now..
1. it says "Access to the RO CSVI script is blocked. The script needs to be whitelisted to be able to run RO CSVI. Whitelist the script in Admin Tools, .htaccess or another protection you are using. The script is located at https://domain.com/administrator/components/com_csvi/rantai/rantai.php.

but i cant find any info how to get this work. for now i dont have .htaccess file.. im using admin tools but i dont know how to whitelist script. i checked their site and cant find that neither..

2. when i run the export template i get this message (see attachment)

im not sure if these 2 issues are related.

thanks for any help
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- i disable admin tools, but it dont solve the first issue.. also i dont have .htaccess file.. and i dont use any other protection..

- i unisntall all csvi extensions. and also manually delete all csvi tables.. than install again latest rocsvi 8beta..
than install demo templates.. but still got the second issue..
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For your first issue, please see the RO CSVI import or export does not work document. That should give you some options of what you can try.

As for your second issue, do you have a hostname filled in the global options of RO CSVI? You can check this by clicking on the Options button on the top left of the Tempates page.

The error comes from trying to reach a URL that does not exist.
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