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  3. Thursday, 15 September 2022
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There is a Google sheet with these columns:
product_sku, product_name, product_in_stock, price1, price2
The import should be based on product_sku, product_name should be skipped.
product_in_stock is okay but I have a bit of problem with price1 and price2:

  • price1 is the gross price for everyone
  • price2 is the gross price for a specific shopper group

VatTax is the same for the whole site.
Is it possible to import both of the prices within a single import?
Reading from Google Sheets works like a charm but how should I manage the prices?
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Multiple prices are imported using VirtueMart Price import template. The problem here is prices being in same row but in different columns. RO CSVI supports import of multiple prices as multiple rows. One way to handle this is by having two VirtueMart price import templates, first import template will import price1 field and price2 field will be set to Skip. Second import template will import price2 field and price1 field will be set to Skip.

Run the import and check if this idea works.
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