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  3. Monday, 13 January 2014
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Hello Sir,

I have using virtuemart version 2.0.24c, CSVI version 5.15, Joomla! 2.5.14.

--> When I have export CSV file with the virtuemart product data and parent id then they are exporting with the Children product, but when i have added the new product with the children product and then importing the CSV file the data are not not displayed with the children products.

--> When I have select the number of records to export up to 2 to 70, then they are exported but when i add one new product then some products are successfully imported and some are failed.

So please suggest me what can i do then all products are import with the children products.

Please help me here.

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Hello Ben,

Sorry this is a long one, i am stuck in the middle here!
Not a problem, patience is a virtue.

we still need to work out how to add the products and there related custom fields at the same time.
Let me see how I can help with that.

To export the custom fields at the same time do we need to add:
plugin_name, custom_element, custom_title, custom_value, field_type as in the support here...
Almost but not completely. Skip to and look at the section that is called Using the Product import with custom fields. The 5 fields that are needed are mentioned there. Now I see in your CSV file you are using the stockable plugin, in that case it is better to have a look at the Stockable variants import tutorial. There is an example CSV there too.

Can we do this in the same csv as the products so everything is added at the same time the product its childeren and the custom fields so they are populated on import?
Yes you can, see the example CSV mentioned above.

Is the best way to go about this to create the product and all custom fields in the test site and then to create an export template that contains all the required fields before attempting to import?
You won't need that, as CSVI will create whatever is not present yet. The only thing that must be created before you import is the Custom Field itself under Custom Fields.

Kind regards,


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Thank you very much for all your help! I have found CSVI PRO works perfectly once set up correctly.
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