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  3. Thursday, 09 June 2022
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I have very generic questions about combining values during an import. In the help article it says
The fields which are to be combined has to be added in sequential order.

First question: combining fields works with XML too, right?
Second: I can't change the order of the fields in the xml file. Does it work nevertheless?
Third: I need to use fields twice: xml-name goes not only to be a part of the name in Joomla, but must also be used as sortname1. Possible?

What I want / need to achieve: Import contact data on a regular schedule. The data comes from a nonJoomla system, so I need to make RO CSVI to read the xml "as it is". Last name and first name combines to name, etc.

Thanks so far. I'm sure I will have more questions later ;-)
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After some struggling I found how it works.You can close or delete this post.
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Glad to know that you figured out how to combine values. You can create a new thread for any new issues.
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