RO CSVI Google Merchant Export for VirtueMart

This tutorial explains how to export Google Merchant details from VirtueMart using RO CSVI


Export Google Merchant

Background information

Google Base exports are used to upload product information to Google Product Search. There is no default export as the fields required depend on the products being uploaded to Google Product Search and the country you are importing products for. The document here explains the basic settings on how to create a template, template fields and run the export. It also tells on how to link the template fields to Google Base fields.

To start with you can use the example Google export template attached here.


Google Merchant Export - Creating the export template

A template can be created by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Templates
  2. Click New
  3. Give the template a name
  4. Set Action to Export
  5. Set Component to VirtueMart
  6. Set Operation to Google Merchant
  7. Click Next: Select Source
  8. Destination is set default to Download. No need for change.
  9. Click Next: Select options
  10. The default values are OK, change if needed.
  11. Click Next: Select fields
  12. Fields must be added otherwise there is nothing for RO CSVI to export. Click Edit template fields.
  13. A new window opens with the Template fields page. You can add new fields by clicking New or Quick Add.
  14. When all fields are added you can close the window
  15. Click Next: Finalize
  16. All done here
  17. Click Close to return to the list of templates or Edit if you want to fine-tune the template further.


Google Merchant Export - Add the fields to export

Template fields can be added by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Templates
  2. Click on Template fields
  3. In the Search Tools select your template
  4. Click on New to add a single field or click on Quick Add to add multiple fields.

Quick Add

The Quick Add Option allows you to quickly add multiple fields to a template. It is not possible to set any settings per field here but that can be done after the fields have been added to the template.

Which fields are required for you, depends on the country and the products you want to import in the Google Product Search. Check the attribute requirements to find out which fields are required for you.

Here we will demonstrate some general required fields:

  • id
  • title
  • description
  • google product category
  • link
  • image link
  • condition

Google Merchant Export - Setting up the export fields

First step is to map the Google fields with the RO CSVI template fields:

Google RO CSVI
id product_sku
title product_name
description product_desc
google product category category_path
link product_url
image link picture_url
condition custom

 Now that we know which fields are need to be used, we will add them to the export template fields. Each field will be added with the following settings:

Field name Column header Default value
product_sku g:id  
product_name title  
product_desc description  
category_path g:google_product_category   
product_url link  
picture_url g:image_link  
custom g:condition new


Google Merchant Export - Run the export

The export can be run by following these steps:

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI -> Export
  2. Select the template created earlier
  3. Click Export
  4. The export is run
  5. The Log details page will be shown with information regarding the export if the Enable logging is enabled in the template

Video showing the process


Further reading

  • By default RO CSVI exports the category_path with a /, this is automatically changed on export to the Google Product Search attribute >
  • If your category structure does not match that of Google Product Search, you can use the Replacement feature to replace your category names with those of Google Product Search
  • If the field g:tax is used, the default value must be set to follow the layout country:region:rate:tax_ship. RO CSVI will change this to the appropriate tags on export
  • To add your own shipping rates, use the Field name custom_shipping and Column header g:shipping
  • If the field g:shipping is used, the default value must be set to follow the layout country:service:price. RO CSVI will change this to the appropriate tags on export
  • To add identifier_exists field add the custom template field with column header set to g:identifier_exists and default value set to Yes or No.


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