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Import HikaShop Product Images - What's next?

What's next?

The next thing you can do is, experiment. There are a lot of more features in RO CSVI you can use for example:

  • Watermark images
  • Store remote images on your server
  • Resize large images

Watermark images

Watermarking images with RO CSVI is made easy. Set the Watermark image option to yes and upload the image you need to use as watermark and its done. RO CSVI will do the rest.

csvi hikashop water mark image

Store remote images on server

With RO CSVI it is possible to import images from remote server. On Image tab set Save images on server option to Yes and in file_path give the remote URL of the image. Thats it. RO CSVI will download the remote image to your local server and link it to the product.

csvi hikashop save image on server

Resize large images

While importing images if you want to resize the large images set Resize image option to Yes and set the required height and width.

csvi hikashop resize image