Getting started with RO CSVI

Before you start with RO CSVI it is good to know which goal you are trying to achieve. RO CSVI is a tool that has a multitude of possibilities but the basics are to import or export data.

Whether you are doing an import or an export the first step is to create a template. A template can be created in 2 different ways:

  1. Via Templates -> Templates
  2. Via Templates -> Field Mapper


RO CSVI can be used with a multitude of Joomla! extensions. Support for these extensions is shipped separately and as such need to be installed separately. The different add-ons can be downloaded from the Download page and then choose RO CSVI Extensions. You can download the extension you wish to use RO CSVI for from here and install it as a regular Joomla! extension.

Updating available fields

After RO CSVI and the necessary addons are installed it is a good idea to update the list of available fields. These fields are needed for making the import and export run, otherwise it might happen you end up with missing fields. Follow the steps in the Missing fields in CSVI document to make sure everything is up-to-date.

Steps to run an import or export

  1. Create a template
  2. Edit the options in the template
  3. Add the fields you wish to use to the template
  4. Run your import or export


How to create a template is explained in the Create a template tutorial.

Template fields

After a template is created fields will need to be added to the template so CSVI knows which fields to use for import/export. How to add template fields is explained in the Adding template fields tutorial.

Field Mapper

The field mapper is a tool to help you setup the basic template and the fields belonging to the template. The fieldmapper is explained in the CSVI Field Mapper tutorial.


If you have problems importing your file, have a look at the Troubleshooting import errors document.

If you have problems exporting your file, have a look at the Troubleshooting export errors document.