Troubleshooting export errors

Often when we export files we run into errors. Where to start looking for the cause of the issue and how to solve this?


Follow these checkpoints to make sure that you have the basics right.

  1. Up-to-date Available Fields
    The list of available fields should be up-to-date before importing starts. If the field list is not up-to-date the import may fail due to missing fields. To update the list of available fields go to Maintenance -> Available Fields -> Click Update
  2. Template enabled
    If a template does not show up in the list of templates to export, the template is not enabled. Go to Templates -> Templates, find your template and click on the icon in the Enabled column or select the template and click Publish in the toolbar.
  3. Template fields enabled
    The export file is empty, this can happen when the template fields are not published. Go to Templates -> Template fields, find your template and check if the fields are enabled.
  4. Export folder writable
    CSVI writes the export data temporarily to a file on the server before it is further processed. The file is placed in the folder tmp/com_csvi/export. The webserver needs to have write access to this folder.
  5. Duplicates in the export file
    It can happen that the export file contains duplicates, this happens because of the selection that needs to be made to export all the requested fields. The solution to this is to group based on the duplicate fields. This can be done on the fields page of the template.