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  3. Tuesday, 16 November 2021
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I would like to report a bug for RO Users, the latest version.

When running the cron job, I get this : Error: Failed to start application: The apcu Session Storage is not supported on this platform.

I use APCU as sessions handler in Joomla 3, please add compatibility.

Thank you,

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Hello Erik,

The session storage is not something we can add or remove as we do nothing with that, this is handled by Joomla itself. So I had a look at it and it turns out that this is a configuration setting in your APCU setup.

When running Joomla via CLI using APCU you must set the option apc.enable_cli to 1 in your system configuration. As this now returns false, Joomla generates the error you see.
Kind regards,


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Thanks a lot, that was the issue, now it's all good

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