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  3. Thursday, 06 January 2022
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Hi there,

I have a Hikashop webshop with RO Payments combined with Rabo Omnikassa. In the list of transactions I sometimes see orders that are not completed, but only show the line

[2021-08-29 21:06:09] Gekozen kaart(en):

in the transaction-log. There is no loggin of "currency" of "transaction details" as there normaly are. Please can you tell me what this means? Did the visitor not make a choise for a bank, or did he close the browser / moved to another site etc?

Best regards,
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Hello Peter,

When you have a logfile with only that line in it, the user started the payment but never finished it. Whether they closed the browser or moved to another page that I cannot tell you but it is one of these things.

The currency and transaction details only happen if the user actually went to the bank and a response has been received from the bank. In this case the user never reached the bank.
Kind regards,


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