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  3. Monday, 11 November 2019
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Our site has beside Dutch, more and more Belgian customers. So we want to offer Bancontact (and Creditcard) as an option beside iDeal. We have RSEvents for courses and RSForm pro for ordering a book. I've set up a Mollie profile with the three payment options.
In RSEvents only Ro Payments* is shown as the only option in the pulldown menu, even if I select a profile with only Bancontact as the only option.
In RSForm Pro no option is shown to the user.

In both cases: If both iDeal and Bancontact are set as options, only Dutch banks with iDeal are offered by Mollie. Is Bancontact is the only option in the profile, Mollie handles Bancontact.

How can I offer the user a choice of payment options? Or am I doing something wrong?

(*RO Payments as a label is confusing for the enduser / customer. )
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Hello Steven,

For RSForms!Pro have a look at our Show Payment Options In RSForms!Pro documentation. This explains how to show the individual payment options.

As for RSEvents!Pro, this does not support multiple payment options from a single plugin. However you can change the name by creating a language override for the string RSEPRO_PLG_PLUGIN_JDIDEAL_NAME

If you have set to redirect immediately and selected a couple payment methods then RO Payments takes the first selected payment option. That should be the reason why you see only iDEAL. Either set the option to wait for the customer, they get the selection screen on your site to choose which payment option to choose or select no payment option in the profile and the user gets the option at Mollie to select which payment option to use
Kind regards,


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