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  3. Tuesday, 06 September 2022
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Hi Roland,

I hope you are fine. Will you be at #jd22de? I hope we can meet again :)

But in the meantime, "serious" things first: when using RO Payment with RS Forms and Mollie (for inscriptions for an event for example), can "Bank transfers" ("overschrijvingen";) also be accepted ?

I am asking the question bc if the payment is immediate, the site gets the payment status directly.
But does it work (and how does it work) if it is a bank transfer which by definition takes several days or even a week if the customer does not initiate the payment immediately?

Txs for the clarification :)
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Hello Marc,

All is good thank you, I will not be at #jd22de this year.

You can use Bank transfers for registrations but do know that it can take up to 30 days before the payment is confirmed. That is because you need to wait until the user goes into their online banking and does the transfer. After 30 days the payment will be considered expired if not processed yet.

Does that answer your question?
Kind regards,


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Txs Roland.
So they can accept Bank Transfer, good news.
And of course, if it exceeds 30 days then probably even the event will be finished :D
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