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  3. Wednesday, 13 October 2021
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Hi Roland,

I am setting up a form to register for an event. There are 5 options to choose from. 4 of them require payment. Mails are being defered. And I enabled free checkout.
When I select the option that doesn't require payment, no mails are send. All other options only send the mails after payment. How do I have to setup the form so that the free option sends mails immediatly and the other options wait for the payment?

Kind regards
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Hello Remco,

While reading your message I realized that it is indeed the case that no e-mails are send when a product is free. The mail sending is only part of the payment flow in RO Payments, so when a product is free, RO Payments hands control over to RSForms. Looking at the code I have a comment there stating that RSForms will send the emails.

After doing a test, I see this is the case but only if the email is not deferred. I have added the free checkout option also to the emails. Attached is an updated plugin for RSForm! Pro. Could you give that a try to see if it works for you?
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Kind regards,


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Hi Roland,

This did the trick! Thanks for the very quick response!
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