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  3. Saturday, 07 September 2019
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Is the JDIdeal license not valid for the new RO Payment? I have a license that is till januari 2020, but I'm not allowed to download the RO Payment 5.0 version and I can't update this through my Joomla site.
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Your license is absolutely valid for RO Payments as well. There was an unforeseen issue with the downloads.

Apologies for the inconvenience but the move to a new domain and a rename of the extension was more troublesome than expected. You should be able to update the extension now from Joomla, after entering your new download key.

The plugins you will have to do manually I am afraid for now.

All downloads are available from the site as well now.

Let me know if it works out.
Kind regards,


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Hi Roland,

Thank you for your quick reply. The download & update is working now. :)
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