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  3. Saturday, 27 June 2020
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Hi Roland,
Did something changed regarding to the "." or "," in the amount? I have a form with a total of 17.50 which is shown in all RSForms (and emails) as 17.50 but is handled by Mollie as 17.00. So, I'm missing 50 cents.

Kind regard
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Hello Ruud,

Did this not change intentionally but as a side effect that I didn't notice :(

The quick fix is as follows:

  1. Open the file plugins/system/rsfpjdideal/rsfpjdideal.php
  2. Go to line 2185
  3. Change that line to look like this

  4. public function getSubmissionValue(int $submissionId, int $componentId)

  5. Save the file and the prices should include the decimals again

Let me know how it goes.
Kind regards,


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Hi Roland,
As fast as always :-).
Yes, I do get the right value in Mollie, but I think (not sure) that the conformation message in RSForms is now not displayed anymore.
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Hi Roland,
Ignore that about the confirmation page. Did another test and evrything is working with the change in the code.
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