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  3. Thursday, 06 January 2022
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According to the Rolandd.com manual, I need to remove the old RO Payments - RSForm! Pro plugin from my Joomla Website with RS!Forms.
Here already a chance for an error. The plugins all have different names then the manual mentions.
I hope to have deleted the correct one....

Even after I have cleared the cache, I still see version 7.0.0 in the Extension Manager.
However, there is another file visible, named
JD iDEAL Gateway - RSForm! Pro V 7.0.1. (Author RolandD Cyber Produksi)

The names are very confusing and do not match the instruction from rolandd.com.

In any case, my RS!Form no longer connects to Mollie.
This is extremely frustrating.
Who knows what to do?

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Sorry to hear you had an issue with the update. We are currently investigating what is causing the issue with the price fields. The code writes `payments-field` but the browser shows `paymentsfield` that is why the payment did not go through. I have loaded a fix in your site so the total field is calculated again.

Now about the naming confusion between JD iDEAL Gateway and RO Payments. JD iDEAL Gateway is the old name of RO Payments and from what I see is that there is an old language file stuck in your system. You can remove any language files in the folder administrator/languages/nl-NL that has the name jdidealgateway in them. That should resolve the language string issue.
Kind regards,


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