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  3. Thursday, 09 June 2022
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Im haing weird error on checkout: Class 'XMLSecurityDSig' not found

Its related to file libraries\Jdideal\Psp\Ing\Connector\Xml\XmlSecurity.php which uses classes from file libraries\Jdideal\Psp\Ing\Connector\Libraries\xmlseclibs.php

It appears that classes are not visible.

Its on Linux or windows, both same cases. Any idea why?
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That is a really weird error to get. The file you changed is not one of ours but of the ING library so not something we can change as any subsequent update will overwrite any hacks done to these files.

I really do not understand why that file would not load in your case. This works for all other users that I know are using ING iDEAL 2.0. Also there is a list of require_once statements that apparently do work on your system?

If you set the error reporting to maximum in Joomla, when you get the error you should get a stacktrace (it shows all the steps that led to the error), perhaps that can tell us what is happening on your system.
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