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  2. RO CSVI
  3. Thursday, 14 May 2020
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After we previously fixed all issues around my custom fields - I appear to have hit a new issues.

I am unable to save a some of the products within the Joomla admin so can no longer update them.

Does this have anything to do with the custom fields I have added?

The strange thing is I can add a new product with multi custom fields and it will allow me to save it.

Is this wrong how I've set it up?

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Hello Simon,
Since you have do many custom fields you may need to look at the value of the max_post_vars. If this is too low not all data will be posted to the server. Perhaps add another 1000 to that number and see how it goes.
If that is not the issue please explain in more detail what the problem is with saving.
Kind regards,


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Super star! :D

All fixed
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Do you know if this would affect updating products/prices?

I've moved the website from the dev server which this change was added to add we appear to be unable to save products/prices?

I change the max vars to like 100,000 to see if that helps but still don't seem to be able to save on the live server.
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