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  3. Tuesday, 21 February 2023
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This is my config:

Joomla 4.2.7
VirtueMart 4.0.2 10661

RO CSVI 8.6.1
RO CSVI Virtuemart Addon 8.6.1

I have set up a simple test Product Import.

I have uploaded an image (test001.jpg) to:

And after importing, when you open the product in the backend and navigate to the product image, the image is there, but when you click the image, the "noimage_new.gif" default VirtueMart image appears.

If you also navigate to the product page on the front end, the "noimage_new.gif" image shows.

I fiddled with the settings in the Product Import field, but none of them helped to solve the issue.

I have attached the Log file and the file I used to import the product.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Attila,
As per the debug log both image and thumbnail image have been updated to the database. See the query below from debug log.

The path used for image is images/stories/virtuemart/product/ which is the default value on import. It is possible that path for Product Media URL field is different in VirtueMart and so you see "noimage_new.gif" . To check that go to VirtueMart configuration page on Templates tab check the value for Product Media URL field. See attached screenshot. You can use this path in Import template settings on Images tab for Location product files field so RO CSVI uses this path for images on import. Make sure you have image uploaded in the location. Run import with these changes and check.

INSERT INTO `prktta_virtuemart_medias` (`virtuemart_vendor_id`,`file_title`,`file_description`,`file_meta`,`file_class`,`file_mimetype`,`file_type`,`file_url`,`file_url_thumb`,`file_is_product_image`,`file_is_downloadable`,`file_is_forSale`,`file_params`,`file_lang`,`shared`,`published`,`created_by`,`modified_by`,`locked_by`) VALUES ('1','test001','test001','test001','','image/jpeg','product','images/stories/virtuemart/product/test001.jpg','images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/test001.jpg','1','0','0','','','0','1','0','0','0')
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Kind regards,


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That was it. Thank you very much.

In Virtuemart, it was set to "images/virtuemart/product/."

However, I set it to "images/stories/virtuemart/product/" in RO CSVI.

Now it is set to "images/virtuemart/product/" in both places, and it works correctly.
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