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  3. Wednesday, 28 April 2021
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Hello everyone.
I ran into a problem. When importing a product, I assign customer groups - for this I use has_shoppergroups.
Customer groups are linked to the product, so everything is fine here.
But I can't cancel the assigned client groups.
To cancel the assigned groups, I leave the has_shoppergroups field empty, and after importing, I see that the (customer group) field becomes empty in the VIrtuemart panel of the product. everything seems to be in order. However, in the external interface, the product remains available only for those groups that were specified earlier. I checked the DB table. Everything's fine there, too. But the product becomes visible to the "default" group only after being saved manually in the Virtuemart panel. But there are a lot of goods. And manual saving is not very good. Can you suggest a solution to this problem?
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To assign shopper group to a product use shopper_group_name field in VirtueMart Product import. In your case shopper_group_name should be default in import file. You can also import multiple shopper groups separated by |, like shopper1|shopper2|shopper3. You don't need to use field has_shoppergroups in import file. RO CSVI will automatically assign has_shoppergroups value to 1 if a product has shoppergroups. If you want to delete the existing shopper group then in import template settings on Options tab set Delete shopper group field to yes(See attached screenshot), save the template and run the import. RO CSVI will remove the existing product shoppergroup and assign products to new shoppergroup as given in import file. Let me know if that solves your problem.
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