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  3. Monday, 23 February 2015
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How to setup user permissions correctly to let some user handle CSVI pro import and exports?

I was creating a user with limited permissions to most of the other parts to Joomla to make it easier to navigate for those accessing mostly only Virtuemart and this CSVI Pro. I have set up allowed for all fields for both, but when I access with that user CSVI Pro, and select template and then press Open, nothing happens. It does not give error or anything, it just loads the page again (like loading the template, but shows nothing new in page).

I guess I need to set up allowed poermissions for some other parts of Joomla, but can you tell which parts?
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I just realized this happens only in IE, and also with super admin user, so it is not related to permissions. With firefox they are working fine like that. In that sense, this topic is solved (there was no problem in first place).
I can live with that not workin in IE, but is there a workaround for that issue?
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If it is the ACL, that is handled by Joomla. Are you sure it wasn't a cache/session issue?

The other thing that might be that there is a JavaScript error, although I don't see that here, it can be related to plugins.
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