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  3. Wednesday, 10 November 2021
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I notice that in Joomla Update the given update option for RO CSVI is version 8.0.0 RC1..... . I know that it should be the web owners responsibility to check update levels, but isn't this asking for trouble... Just a thought.

Please don't take this as a criticism but just an opinion and observation this is still an excellent product.
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The release candidate should not be offered as an update option and I have no idea why. The beta releases were not offered as updates as expected, so to see the RC popup as an update was a surprise.

Fortunately is an RC release not that big of a problem as it is basically the same as the stable release give or take a few small changes. Furthermore it is a continuation of RO CSVI 7, so there should not be any breaking changes either.

Thank you for pointing this out, I will definitely see why this happened as I am as surprised as you are.
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