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  3. Tuesday, 10 July 2018
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Hi there

We have a shop with clothes. The articles have sizes. Each size has stock of it's own, therefore we have created a customstockablefield.
We want to import the parent data and then the sizes with stock as a child. What field do I have to create in the import templates? We use an XML file as source.

parent: suit
child_1: size 50, stock 10
child_2: size 52, stock 4
child_3: size 54, stock 1

Thanks in advance!
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Have a look at Stockable variants document to know on Stockable custom fields import.

You can take a look at import XML document to know on to use XML file for your imports.
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The field is ok and works. We have created an item without importing a XML and it works fine. The thing is that I do not know what kind of fileds I have to create in the import templates. I have two imports, one is to create the parent stuff, the other is for the size and stock.

The import also work fine, exept for customstockablefields because I do not know how.

I could give you access to my backend and show you the import XML, just let me know
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