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  3. Friday, 17 July 2020
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I have a problem with the import of a CSV file because I have several article titles which are called similar (title of an artist's work) but with different custom fields (the year of creation in particular ).
However, I just noticed that in this case the import is only done on a single article and the other articles of the same name are not imported, which is very important for me.
In fact, it would be interesting if the import could number for example identical articles (article1, article2…) because in my case only the “Titre” field appears on the front office and the “title” is only there to locate me in the back Joomla office.
Do you have a solution ?
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  1. http://s824906551.onlinehome.fr/liste-des-oeuvres/dessins-estampes-peintures-et-sculptures
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RO CSVI imports articles based on few needed fields. They are title or alias and catid or category_path. If there is no alias but only title in import file, RO CSVI will generate alias from title. With these needed fields RO CSVI will select the existing row from database. If the matching row does not exist, RO CSVI will insert a new row else update the existing row. In your case since the title or alias already exists existing record is updated. In Joomla alias is a unique field, though you have same title you should use unique value for alias. You should add alias field with unique value in your import file and run the import. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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Thank you for your support.Best regards,Frédéric DupinLe 17 juil. 2020 à 06:42, RolandD Cyber Produksi <support@rolandd.com> a écrit :
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