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  3. Thursday, 07 January 2021
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I am looking for the regular expression to change or delete ( 9789462952430_covr.jpg| )in the rules

9789462952430_covr.jpg | https: //cbonline.boekhuis.nl/pls/cover/p_get_cover_fe? P_hash = BFA54D06EAE7DF9D83140A23FBFB6EF8

So that the entry starts with https and beyond. This is an example, it concerns many more numbers.

Iike this ({,25})(covr.jpg |)
Accepted Answer
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I want to skip the bcorv.jpg from the xlm file

Is it XML or XLS file? You can use RO CSVI Skip rule plugin to skip the rows with bcorv.jpg.
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