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  3. Monday, 01 August 2022
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Hi Tharuna,

Hope you are well and don't mind me making this ticket live again.

I am trying to use what i have learnt above on a new website, but i am having difficulties getting the variants to show correctly.

I have attached debug and csv import file.

This is the parent product which should also be showing 5 child variants, but is just showing the parent product. http://timb162.sg-host.com/shop/External-Weatherproof-Waste-Bin-Recycled-Plastic-500x500x830mm-Grey-Black-details.html

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

Kind regards

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Good morning Tim,
Thank you for posting the screenshots. I noticed that you do not have Default value (stockablecustomfields) set for Colour Only custom field. See attached screenshot. That is needed to identify the plugin name in code. Please run the import after that and check.
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Kind regards,


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