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  3. Monday, 19 July 2021
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Hello my dears,

unfortunately I still have a problem with the product sorting in the Virtuemart categories.

I probably have a similar error as I did when I imported the menus.

In any case, the sorting sequence is not correct.

Can you help me with this please? Which fields do I need in the import template?

Kind regards,

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Hello Manuela,
What is the issue with ordering? Debug log shows ordering has been updated for existing products. You have set Skip new items to Yes in your import template so new products in the file are skipped and nothing has been updated. Please include screenshot on the issue to check.
Kind regards,


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Hello Tharuna,

we do not want to add new products with the sorting. Products that do not exist in the shop do not need to be sorted.

While checking, I found the bug. We exported the wrong SKU from our inventory management system. If this SKU does not exist, it cannot be sorted either.

Thank you for the perhaps inadvertent hint.

Kind regards,

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