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  3. Sunday, 28 March 2021
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I try to import images from live server.

I set to import template url like "http://viozoiki.com/img/Products/" and at CSV on file url i set just "VA00117.jpg" but it is not working.

Full path http://viozoiki.com/imgProducts/VA00117.jpg
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I find the problem i thing. Some images from source filename extension is uppercase eg image.JPG

Yes, that is the problem. VirtueMart converts the file extension of images to lowercase letters in its code as .jpg and then looks if the image exists in the folder. Since your image extensions are in uppercase letters .JPG, VirtueMart thinks there is no image and is shows no image instead of the actual image. You need to convert image extension to lowercase letters in your import file so RO CSVI will use the same extension for saved image.
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