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  2. RO CSVI
  3. Wednesday, 06 November 2019
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today I installed the version 7.14.0 over my 7.13.0 (the update through Joomla updater didn't work). By installing I get this error: "Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'"
Then I'm not able to import a file. First the fields were gone. After restoring the template the fields appears again, but I'm still unable to do the import. When I try to edit the template I get this error: "Save failed with the following error: Import based on field Number not found in the selected table".
When I try to run the import I get a 500 error, I checked the log files, but I cannot see the problem...
I don't know what I can do now :-(

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Forget it! I found the problem: I don't know why, but in the template was the wrong custom table selected :( I selected the right one and now the import is running :D
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