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  2. RO CSVI
  3. Thursday, 19 February 2015
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I can't imported the product extra fields with Product Import based on Product SKU
Joomal3.3.6+Vm3.0.2+CSVI PRO.20
Due to the error log file does not have

CSV file sample:
122-30159|Versenypálya szint~Autó 1~Autó 2~Összeszerelt méret~Pálya hossza~Autó méretarány|Profi~Carrera Digital 132: "Lightning McQueen" ~Carrera Digital 132: "Francesco Bernoulli"~ 321x139 cm~8 m~1:32
Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Please see my patch in this thread where the same question has been asked and answered.
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