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  3. Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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Issue with exporting Virturmart orders
Ok I have a purchase order field that I want to export with my order. The trouble is the data doesnt exist in The billing OR shipping data for virtuemart_order_userinfos
SO I need to grab the data from that vjqv4_virtuemart_userinfos row instead - where the data does exist.

Any idea how I can acheive this
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Data that is not in the order table, isn't actually order information if you ask me. Any data stored outside of it can change and you won't know what it was at the time the order was placed.

What you are asking cannot be done with the order export as you say this is not in the order tables. The only option would be to create a custom table export but that looses all the options of the order export template.

The only other way is to create an export override and add the necessary code to get the data from the userinfos table.

Although I wonder what info that could be because these tables are nearly copies of each other.
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