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  3. Thursday, 15 October 2020
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I'm trying to import addresses into j2Store.
My input file contains both type="billing" and type="shipping" addresses.
I have a single "billing" type row (with email address matching to joomla user record)
and then
several "shipping" type rows for that one billing row. The shipping rows also have the same email address as the billing row.
When I run it, the load completes without error but I only get the billing address loaded and the last shipping address.
Looking at the debug log, I can see it does inserts for the first billing address record, then another insert for the first shipping address but then it switches to doing updates for the remaining shipping address rows.
Is this normal behaviour? Maybe it only expects to load 1 shipping address per 1 billing address?
Is there any way I can make it load multiple shipping addresses for the same customer (i.e. for the same joomla user).

Any tips much appreciated.

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Hello Vince,
This issue is because we are looking for an existing address in database using email and type field values. Since the user and type already exists, the existing shipping address record gets updated. We have extended our code to check using four fields email, type, zip and address_1. If the existing record matches values of these four fields, it will be updated else a new record will be created in database. Please load the attached patch file and run the import again. See if the addresses are added or updated as expected.
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Thanks so much. It works like a charm. Really appreciate the speedy response. Keep up the good work.
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