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  3. Thursday, 29 April 2021
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Hi everyone!

I need some help in the following topic, I hope there's someone, who could help me.

I want to upload couple thousand of images on a webshop using an external link.
I'm using CSVI PRO to upload the products, but I can't upload through the external link. I made a sample database to put the external link in the Virtuemart, and actually I can see the pictures (but it is in a bad quality) on the Admin platform, but on the front-end I get only a "no picture" message.

Can somebody please help me to fix this?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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VirtueMart does not support images with external link. You need to download images to your server in VirtueMart product image location to use it with products. To download images with RO CSVI VirtueMart Product import, in your import template settings on Images tab set Save images on server field to Yes and in Location product files field you can set the path where images has to be stored on your server, if this field is empty default VirtueMart product image location is considered. Save the template and run the import. If you still have a problem with images then post debug log of the import to check. To get the debug log, check How to collect debug information? document.
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I am very grateful! Thank you!
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